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Do you know about cross flow fan?
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Do you know about cross flow fan?

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Cross flow fan is also called as tangential blower fan, can be made with DC voltage such 12V and 24V or AC voltage such 100~240V cross flow fan, we have different sizes from smaller to bigger ones, for example, 30 series, 40 series and 60 series, the material of frame is metal and the material of impeller is aluminum alloy, color of frame is black, color of impeller is silver white, which are widely used in air conditioners and air purifiers, the characteristics is big air flow, high air pressure and easily fitted.

Here is the content list:

  1. What are the characteristics of a cross flow fan?

  2. What are the key parts of a cross flow fan?


(2)Do double-sided dynamic balance


Cross Flow Fan

What are the characteristics of a cross flow fan?

The characteristic of cross flow fan is that the inlet air and the outlet air form a 90° right angle. The fluid of the cross flow fan flows through the fan impeller twice, the fluid flows in in the radial direction and then flows out in the radial direction, the intake and exhaust directions are in the same plane, and the exhaust body is evenly distributed along the width of the fan.

What are the key parts of a cross flow fan?

(1) Impeller: The impeller of the cross flow fan is relatively long and barrel-shaped blades so that the large air inlet and the large air outlet are designed so that the cross flow fan can greatly reduce the noise under the same air volume. The software simulates air volume, wind pressure, and noise through the engineer several times, and then beats the board to test. That is to make each fan blade of the cross flow fan produce the same noise as the cutting wind so that the wind noise will be the same when the whole is running. If there is "unequal distance, unequal angle, different concentricity", there will be noise, so the noise will be overall.

(2) Do double-sided dynamic balance: The impeller mentioned above is a long round barrel, which is made by hardware processing. It is inevitable that the balance can be made very standard. The cross flow fan needs to be calibrated by the upper dynamic balancing machine to make it reach the balance standard.

(3) Motor: It is the heart of the cross flow fan. Since it is the heart, it is too important to make a 60% space for the motor load margin of the cross flow fan. If the motor power is not enough, the motor will make a buzzing sound, the whole cross flow fan is noisy, and the motor temperature rises and its life is short.

Due to its simple structure, small size, and high dynamic pressure coefficient, the cross flow fan can reach a long distance. It is widely used in laser instruments, air conditioners, air curtain equipment, dryers, hairdryers, household appliances, and grain combine harvesters. It can be seen that the cross flow fan has a wide range of applications. If cross flow fan in your business Range, you can consider Xingdong company’s cost-effective products.

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