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How to use DC axial fan?
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How to use DC axial fan?

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DC axial fans are very versatile, that is, the airflow in the same direction as the axis of the blades, such as electric fans, air conditioners, and external fans are fans that operate in axial flow. Axial fans are usually used on occasions with higher flow requirements and lower pressure requirements. The DC axial fans fix the position and move the air. The axial flow fan is mainly composed of the DC axial fan impeller and the casing. The structure is simple but the data requirements are very high.

Here is the content list:


●Debugging method

●Run check

●Run start

DC axial fan3


Open the box and check whether all parts of the DC axial fans are complete and whether there are any bumps on the outside of the casing. Pay special attention to whether the head rectifier is bumped or deformed, whether the components are tightly connected, whether the blade motor is damaged, and whether the impeller rotates flexibly. To be repaired and adjusted. Check the installation foundation of the DC axial fans. It must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that it can withstand the load during the operation of the DC axial fans. At the same time, check whether the connection size between the foundation and the DC axial fans meets the design requirements.

Debugging method

After the axial flow fan is installed, check the flexibility of the DC axial fans rotation before starting, and check whether there is jamming friction on the blades by hand. Check whether there are leftovers and other debris in the DC axial fans and adjacent pipes. Check whether the damper in the pipeline is open. Personnel should stay away from the DC axial fans. Start the DC axial fans and check whether the direction of the DC axial fans blade is consistent with the rotation mark. After the inspection is qualified, stop after 10-30 minutes of trial operation. Check whether the blade is loose, whether the bolt between the vibration damping seat and the base is loose, everything is normal Later, it was officially launched and put into operation.

Run check

When a DC axial fan is running, it mainly monitors the current of the motor. The current is not only a mark of the DC axial fan load but also a forecast of some abnormal changes. In addition, always check whether the vibration of the motor and the DC axial fan is normal, whether there is friction and abnormal noise. For DC axial fans running in parallel, check whether the DC axial fans are running in a surge state. In normal operation, it should be stopped for detection if the following conditions are encountered: the DC axial fans produce strong vibration or clashing noise; the motor current suddenly rises and exceeds the rated current of the motor; the temperature of the motor bearing rises sharply.

Run start

The operation of the DC axial fan is driven by the electric motor. In fact, any equipment is the same. If it wants to operate, it must have a similar "engine". When choosing the motor of the axial flow fan, it is always hoped that the motor can drive the impeller to reach the rated speed quickly and work normally. The starting of the motor includes the whole process of energized starting and acceleration. The starting mode is divided into full pressure starting and decompression starts.

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