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How to use a DC blower?
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How to use a DC blower?

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The DC blower converts direct current into mechanical energy to drive the wind wheel to rotate. The air inlet and outlet are in the vertical wind direction, and the air is continuously compressed to generate a large amount of air for blowing, collectively referred to as DC blower.

Here is the content list:

●Working principle of DC blower

●Application of DC blower in daily life

●Precautions for using DC blower

DC blower

Working principle of DC blower

According to Ampere’s right-hand rule, a conductor passes current and a magnetic field is generated around it. If the conductor is placed in another fixed magnetic field, it will generate attraction or repulsion, causing the object to move. Inside the fan blade of the DC blower, a glue magnet filled with magnetism is attached. Surrounding the silicon steel sheet, the shaft is wound with two sets of coils, and the Hall induction component is used as a synchronous detection device to control a set of circuits that make the two sets of coils wound on the shaft work in turn. The silicon steel sheet produces different magnetic poles, and the magnetic poles and the rubber magnet generate repulsive force. When the repulsive force is greater than the static friction force of the lice fan, the fan leaves naturally rotate.

Application of DC blower in daily life

DC blowers are widely used in various fields of life and are often used in industrial fields to assist certain industries to support combustion and build high temperatures. The use of DC blowers can support combustion and build high temperatures at the fastest speed. It is often used in metallurgy in the early stage. In order to make it easier to operate, we improved its frequency and added wind pressure to make it work under stable wind currents.

Precautions for DC blower

When using a DC blower, pay attention to the temperature requirement of -10℃-70℃; The humidity requirement must not be condensed; the power matches the heat source load capacity; The airflow cannot be closed in the heat source environment; The air inlet of the fan must be large enough to be blocked by anything Fan inlet; If the environment of the fan is vibrating, the fan structure is particularly required; The fan itself must not vibrate too much to avoid resonance and affect its life; The DC blower cannot be used in a strong magnetic environment.

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