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How to use the DC Blower correctly?
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How to use the DC Blower correctly?

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DC Blower are widely used in large and modern blast furnaces because of their compact structure, small size, light weight, good load adjustability, wide range of applications, low rotational inertia of the blower, and easy motor start.

DC Blower

What are the application areas of DC Blower?

What are the precautions for the installation of DC Blower?

How is DC Blower properly maintained?

What are the application areas of DC Blower?

DC Blowers are used in pneumatic conveying systems, air knife drying systems, vacuum lifting, printed circuit board (PCB) equipment, cleaning equipment, canned beverage equipment, plastic peripheral equipment, self-adhesive label printing equipment, woodworking machinery, paper machinery, Packaging machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, sewage treatment, aquaculture, kiln mining, burner, dust collector, incinerator powder three-dimensional conveying, dryer, glass industry, ice making industry, mechanical cooling, general air supply and other industries. Anyway DC Blower has a wide range of applications.

What are the precautions for the installation of DC Blower?

1. DC Blower must use flat washers and spring washers to tighten the screws;

2. Use rubber cushioning glue to bear the weight of high-pressure blowers, especially high-power, high-pressure blowers.

3. For some occasions where noise is required, a muffler can be installed to reduce the noise (generally, about 5dB), and the muffler is installed at the end of the air inlet duct or the air outlet duct;

4. For some occasions with higher noise requirements, according to the conditions of the DC blower itself, a layer of muffling cotton can be added to meet the noise requirements of the site. For details, please consult the high pressure blower manufacturer or a professional noise control company.

5. When using muffling cotton, pay attention to the distance between the high pressure blower and the box, and pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the high pressure blower.

6. The inlet and outlet pipes of DC Blower should be connected with hoses to isolate vibration.

How is DC Blower properly maintained?

1. DC blowers must be used and maintained by specialized personnel.

2. Do not use a DC blower that has already developed a problem.

3. Regularly remove dust inside the DC blower, especially impurities such as dust and dirt on the impeller, to prevent corrosion and imbalance.

4. Maintenance of DC blowers must emphasize power off first and then shut down.

5. Check the sensitivity of the thermometer and the oil mark regularly.

6. After each disassembly and repair, the lubricant should be replaced in addition to the lubricant every 3 to 6 months under normal circumstances.

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