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LED Display How To Dissipate Heat?
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LED Display How To Dissipate Heat?

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LED display how to dissipate heat

The application of LED display in various fields is becoming more and more common. However, the problem of heat generation has also attracted attention.

Good heat dissipation design can ensure the performance and life of the LED display.

Cooling fans are one of the most common and effective methods of heat dissipation. A cooling fan mounted behind or on the edge of the LED display can reduce the temperature of the display by generating air flow. This method is not only flexible, but also relatively low cost. At the same time, choosing the right size and speed of cooling fan can be adjusted according to the actual needs and provide better cooling effect.

We recommend DC axial fan 1225 model, Xingdong Electronics specialises in fan factories, also welcome the need for specific consultation with our company! Thank you for your help!

12025 dc fan

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