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Manufacturers 120x120x38mm EC Fan
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Manufacturers 120x120x38mm EC Fan

Application: commercial refrigerator
Model No.: DEH1238B 
Material: Thermal plastic UL 94V-0
  • 12038

  • D-FAN

  • Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops

  • Plastic

INSTALLATION: First, determine where the fan will be installed. Make sure there are no obstacles that will prevent it from operating properly. Then, secure the fan in the desired location using the appropriate screws and brackets.

POWER CONNECTION: The EC Fan12038 usually requires an external power supply. Connect the power cord properly to the fan, ensuring correct polarity.

Controls: The controls of the EC Fan12038 are normally programmable. They can be operated by connecting to an appropriate controller or using a computer interface. These controllers usually have the ability to adjust speeds, set timers, monitor temperatures, etc. to meet different needs.

Tuning: Depending on the requirements, the fan can be tuned through the controller. Change the fan speed, airflow and other parameters to suit different environments and applications. Ensure that the operating parameters of the fan are adjusted within a reasonable range to avoid overload or damage.

Maintenance: Maintenance of the EC Fan12038 is relatively simple. Clean the fan housing and blades regularly to remove dust and other debris. Ensure that the fan's surroundings are clean and regularly check that the fan's power supply and connecting cables are functioning properly.



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