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What are the advantages of DC blowers?
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What are the advantages of DC blowers?

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The DC blower uses direct current to convert it into mechanical energy to drive the wind wheel to rotate. The air inlet and outlet are in a vertical wind direction, and the air is continuously compressed to generate a large amount of air for blowing. Collectively referred to as DC blowers.



What are the advantages of DC blowers?

What is the difference between an AC blower and a DC blower?


What are the advantages of DC blowers?

1. The ink of the DC blower is very small, because only the bearing and gear pair have mechanical contact on the material selection, and the rotor, casing, and gear ring have sufficient mechanical strength. Safe operation and long service life

2. Due to the structure, the impeller has no friction in the body, so that the discharged gas does not contain oil. It is an ideal pneumatic conveying gas source for chemical, food, and other industries.

3. When using, with the pressure change, the flow rate of the DC blower changes very little. But the flow rate changes with the speed. Therefore, the choice of business is very wide, and the choice of flow can be achieved by selecting the speed.

4. The speed of the DC blower is high, the gap between the rotor and the rotor, and the rotor and the body are small, so there is less leakage and higher volumetric efficiency. The processing and assembling technology is strong, which can ensure a reasonable and uniform gap, which not only achieves high volumetric efficiency but also prevents friction in the body due to thermal expansion.


What is the difference between an AC blower and a DC blower?

Ion blowers can be divided into AC and DC according to the high voltage type used by their discharge electrodes (discharge needles). AC is divided into high frequency and ordinary AC (commercial frequency), and DC is divided into continuous DC, DC pulse types.

The difference between AC and DC ion blowers is the difference in ion balance.

Since the DC blower generates both positive ions and negative ions on the same discharge needle, even if the discharge needle is worn for a long time, the ion balance will not change much, and the ion balance performance is better.

Since the discharge needle of the AC blower is composed of independent positive and negative electrodes, the ion balance is poor when used at close range. In addition, the discharge needle is affected by the environment and the degree of contamination of the needle during use will affect the ion balance, especially when the discharge needle is in use. After long-term use, the positive and negative discharge needles are worn to different degrees, and the ion balance cannot be corrected even after cleaning.


Dongguan Xingdong Electronics Co., Ltd has developed a variety of different DC blowers and conducted a large number of tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality. If you are in the DC blowers business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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