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What are the advantages of frameless DC fans?
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What are the advantages of frameless DC fans?

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Frameless DC fan is a kind of special DC fan series which is without frame, the main parts are the bracket and the impeller, Frameless DC fan is widely used in CPU coolers, induction cookers, air purifiers and mostly will be matched with heatsink, when occurring to space limited,end product designer will consider our this fan type, the available voltage such as 5V 12V 18V and 24V, the available size from 25mm to 120mm, free samples can be provided for test.

Here is the content list:

Frameless DC fan

The structure of a frameless DC fan

The rotor of the frameless DC fan includes frameless DC fan blades (as the source of airflow) and fan shaft (used to support the balance of fan blade rotation), rotor magnetic ring, permanent magnets, and the key to improving the magnetic stage switching speed is outside the magnetic ring Frame and fixed magnetic ring. In addition, it also includes a support spring, through which the nodules are fixed to rotate the entire part, the motor part, the direction of rotation, and the size of the dynamic rotation speed key. Its speed regulation performance is good, and the control is simple.

The advantages of frameless DC fans

Frameless DC fan material: plastic material, if choosing ball bearing, this fan can be used continuously for more than 50,000 hours, DC internal structure transformer and main control board (including frequency conversion circuit, rectifier filter, amplifier circuit, etc.) will not be affected by voltage fluctuations, so its service life long.

What are the advantages of frameless DC fans?

1. The length of the frameless DC fan is not limited, and the force of the impeller can be arbitrarily selected according to different user needs.

2. The airflow flows through the impeller and is affected by the two forces of the blades, so the airflow can reach a long distance.

3. No turbulence, uniform wind.

4. Cost-effectiveness — Frameless DC fans produce less friction, reduce noise levels and extend their overall lifespan. They also use less power, which saves battery power in portable applications.

5. Highly versatile-frameless DC fans can work at different operating temperatures. The standard model can work anywhere from -10°C to 70°C.

Design flexibility-Our frameless DC fans have many different design options. These include protection from dust, moisture, and salt spray, as well as dual ball bearings or proprietary bearings to improve reliability, performance, and service life. Other options include tachometer and pulse width modulation speed control.

Dongguan Xingdong Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of different Frameless DC Fans. If you are in the Frameless DC Fan business, you can consider using our cost-effective products. Our cooling fans are mainly used in home appliances, automobiles, security, communications, medical, industrial control, electric power, printing, military, welding machines, instrumentation, computers, power supplies, and other fields.

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