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What are the categories of ac axial fan?
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What are the categories of ac axial fan?

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1. Axial fans:

The blades of an axial fan push the air to flow in the same direction as the direction of the axis.
Its impeller is similar to a propeller in that most of the airflow flows parallel to the shaft, in other words, in the direction of the axis.
Axial fans consume the least amount of power when handling free air at 0 static pressure, but power consumption increases as the counterpressure of the airflow rises during operation.
Axial fans are usually mounted on the cabinet of electrical equipment and are sometimes integrated into the motor.
Axial fans are widely used because they are compact, space-saving and easy to install.

2. Centrifugal fans:

When a centrifugal fan operates, the blades push the air to flow in a direction perpendicular to the axis, with the inlet air along the axis and the outlet air perpendicular to the axis.
In most cases, cooling can be achieved with an axial fan, however, centrifugal fans are necessary when the airflow needs to be rotated 90 degrees for discharge or when greater air pressure is required. The fan itself is also a centrifugal fan.

3. Mixed flow fan:

Mixed-flow fans, also known as diagonal flow fans, are similar at first glance to axial-flow fans in that the intake air is directed along the axis, but the discharge air is directed diagonally along and perpendicular to the axis.
The blades and outer casing of this type of fan are conical in shape, resulting in higher air pressure.
For the same size and comparable performance, mixed flow fans are quieter compared to axial flow fans.

4. Cross-flow fans:

Cross-flow fans produce airflow over large areas and are often used to cool equipment with large surfaces.
Both inlet and outlet air are perpendicular to the axis, and crossflow fans work with a longer drum fan impeller, which has a larger aperture, allowing the use of lower rotational speeds while maintaining the overall volume of air circulated, reducing the noise caused by high spe


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