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What are the characteristics of DC blower?
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What are the characteristics of DC blower?

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The DC blower converts direct current into mechanical energy, drives the wind turbine to rotate, the air inlet and outlet are in vertical wind direction, and continuously compresses the air to produce a large volume of air for blowing.

DC Blower

What are the characteristics of DC blower?

What are the precautions to use DC blower?

What is the structural composition of DC blower?

What are the characteristics of DC blower?

1. Since the DC blower only has mechanical contact between the bearing and the gear pair, the rotor, housing and gear ring have sufficient mechanical strength. Safe operation and long service life

2. The impeller of DC blower has no friction in the body, so the gas emitted does not contain oil. It is an ideal pneumatic conveying gas source for chemical, food and other industries.

3. When the DC blower is used, the flow change with pressure change is very small. But the flow varies with the speed. Therefore, the selection range of the printing service is very wide, and the selection of the flow rate can be achieved by selecting the speed.

4. The speed of the DC blower is high, and the gap between rotor and rotor, rotor and housing is small, so that less leakage and higher volumetric efficiency occur. The strong processing and assembly technology can ensure reasonable and even spacing, which can achieve high volumetric efficiency without causing friction in the body due to thermal expansion.

What are the precautions to use DC blower?

1. Clean the DC blower regularly to improve the working environment of the DC blower. Regularly and quantitatively supply the special dust collector for the blower to strengthen dust removal management, improve dust removal efficiency and avoid the occurrence of accidents with impeller damage.

2. During the use of DC blowers, the sensitivity of thermometer and oil indicator should be checked regularly, the quality of maintenance strictly controlled, and the hidden accident risk should be nipped in the bud. The overhaul should be comprehensive and thorough. Carefully inspect the impeller for wear, the balance of the main shaft and impeller, the looseness and collision of the internal connections, the flexibility of the inlet flap switch, and the lubrication and cooling of the bearings.

What is the structural composition of DC blower?

The rotor of the DC blower includes the DC fan blades, which are the source of the airflow, the fan axis used to support the rotation of the balanced fan blades, the rotor magnetic ring, the permanent magnet, the key to it. In addition, it also includes support springs through which the knobs are fixed to rotate the entire component, the engine part, whereby the production of the direction of rotation and the speed of the active size and rotation are decisive. It has good speed control performance and easy control.

This is our basic introduction to DC blowers. If you want more information about DC blower, please contact Dongguan Xingdong Electronics Co., Ltd.

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