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What is a DC fan?
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What is a DC fan?

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Through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, electrical energy is converted into machinery to drive the rotation of the blades, which are collectively referred to as  DC fan. DC fans are widely used in computers, communication products, consumer electronics, automotive electronic equipment, switches, medical equipment, heaters, air conditioners, inverters, teller machines, automotive refrigerators, welding machines, induction cookers, audio equipment, Environmental protection equipment, refrigeration equipment, and other traditional or modern equipment.

DC fans

Here is the content list:

●DC fan structure

●Cooling fan size, voltage, and speed

●Air volume and noise value of cooling fan

DC fan structure

First, the  DC fan rotor part: including the  DC fan blades, which are the core of the airflow and the axis of the cooling  DC fan, which are used to support the rolling of the balanced DC fan blades, the rotor magnetic ring, permanent magnets, the key to the speed of the magnetic stage switching, and the outside of the magnetic ring. Frame, fixed magnetic ring. Second, the  DC fan part: including supporting springs, separate bearings to balance the shaft and bearings, providing high speed, low friction, long-life rotation, retaining ring, fixed nodules to rotate the entire component, motor part, production rotation direction, active and large rotation Speed is key. Third, the outer frame of the cooling fan: supports the fan motor and guides the air. Fourth, the  DC fan motor part includes a circuit board to control energy consumption and signal access, silicon steel sheets to generate magnetic level propulsion switching, silicon steel sheet upper and lower covers, fixed and insulators.

Cooling fan size, voltage, and speed

The size of the DC fan is generally expressed in terms of the length of the outer side of the DC fan and the thickness of the product, and the unit is mm. DC fan specifications and models are often numbered by size. For example, 6010 in AD6010 represents the size of the product 60*60*10MM. The rated voltage is the voltage value under the rated operation of the DC fan. Common  DC fan voltages are generally 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V, and other specifications.

The DC fan speed is the speed of the DC fan rotation, the unit is rpm (revolution per minute), which is a relatively important parameter of the DC fan. High speed indicates that it can bring large air volume. Manufacturers often standardize the product and divide it into ultra-high (D), High (H), medium (M), low (L), and other speed products, for users to choose according to their own situation.

Air volume and noise value of cooling fan

Air volume: A quantitative index to measure the capacity of a DC fan, the unit is cubic feet per minute (CFM), but in some places, the unit is cubic meter per minute (CMM), 1CMM=35.31CFM. The noise value is an important parameter. Although it has nothing to do with the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation, it has high requirements for the use of different environments. The unit is dBA (decibel).

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce DC fans that meet the standards. Dongguan Xingdong Electronics Co., Ltd has developed a variety of DC fans and conducted a lot of tests before they leave the factory to ensure the quality. If you need DC fan business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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