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What is the DC Blower?
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What is the DC Blower?

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In daily life, we often see the use of some blowers, this article mainly introduces some of the use characteristics of DC blowers. DC blower generally produces greater wind pressure.Then, let’s introduce in detail what are the specific functions of DC Blower?

DC Blower

Here is the content list:

What is the operation principle of DC Blower?

What affects the wind power of a DC blower?

What is the operation principle of DC Blower?

DC Blower refers to the fan that makes the DC motor rotate to drive the fan impeller to rotate through the input of DC electric energy, so as to realize the conversion process of DC electric energy to mechanical energy. In specific, DC blower is through direct current, converted into mechanical energy, drive the rotation of the wind wheel, air inlet, and outlet in the vertical wind direction, continuous compression of air, so that it produces large air volume, blowing, referred to as DC blower.

What affects the wind power of a DC blower?

Theoretically, the motor is to provide DC electric energy, for the same impeller and volute (fan shell), the higher the speed, the greater the air volume. In place for a lot of ventilated take a breath, the DC blower on the rotational speed is not high, but the DC blower is running speed does have an inseparable relationship with it, in terms of blower speed also affects the size of the air volume, in the general case, the rotating speed and DC blower is proportional, the speed of the blower, air blower fan quantity will be bigger, small speed is the opposite. It cannot be said that the air volume of the blower is related to the speed, but there is also a necessary connection. Do 5v DC blower, 12v DC blower, and 24v DC blower share the same wind power? No, of course, You need to buy different blowers according to your different needs.

The choice of a DC blower is very important, especially on different occasions, you need to choose a different voltage DC blower. If you are in the DC blower business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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