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What is the function of Frameless DC Fan?
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What is the function of Frameless DC Fan?

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A frameless DC fan is simply a DC fan with blades only. It is often used for computer heat dissipation and other equipment requiring heat dissipation. If we want to learn what is frameless DC fan.

Here is the content list:

What is the frameless DC Fan?

What is the technical specification for Frameless DC Fan?

What the benefit of using Frameless DC fans?

frameless DC fan

What is the frameless DC Fan?

Firstly, what is the principle of frameless DC Fan, and what parts is it made of? What are its features? Working principle of frameless DC fan: it is through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electric energy is transformed into machinery to drive the blade to rotate, relying on the coil and IC constantly switching, the induction magnetic ring drives the blade to rotate.

The rotor of the frameless DC fan includes the frameless DC fan blade, which is the source of the airflow, and the fan axis, which is used to support the balance of the fan blade rotation, the rotor magnetic ring, the permanent magnet, the key to promote the magnetic level switching speed, the outer frame of the magnetic ring and the fixed magnetic ring. In addition, it also includes a supporting spring, through which the nodules are fixed to rotate the entire component, the motor part, the direction of rotation, and the size of the dynamic rotation speed key. Its speed regulation performance is good, and the control is simple.

frameless DC fan material: plastic material, life can be continuous use of more than 50,000 hours, DC internal structure transformer and main control board (including frequency conversion circuit, rectifier filter, amplifier circuit, etc.) will not be affected by voltage fluctuations, so its service life is long.

Pay attention to the 5V frameless DC Fan and 12V frameless DC fan, if you use the wrong connection, it is very dangerous. Use 5V frameless Fan in a 12V situation, remember to connect two 5V frameless DC Fans in series.

What is the technical specification for Frameless DC Fan?

Operation Environment: for Frameless DC Fan Two ball bearing: -10˚C~+70˚C, Humidity: 35%~85%RH / FMB: -10˚C~+50˚C, Humidity: 35%~85%RH

Storage Temperature:  -40℃ +70℃ (Humidity: 35%~85%RH)

Insulation Resistance: 5mA MAX. at 500 VAC 60Hz for one minute (between the frame and lead conductor)

Vibration Resistance Test: Applied 5.30Hz, 0.04 peak to peak amplitude, 30~500Hz, 2G peak amplitude for five minutes to all three axis/5.3Hz,0.04

Shock Test:  Under the conditions of 60G, 22ms (1/2 sine), two times to all three axes.

What the benefit of using Frameless DC fans?

1. The length of the frameless DC fan is not limited, and the force of the impeller can be arbitrarily selected according to different user needs.

2. The airflow flows through the impeller and is affected by the two forces of the blades, so the airflow can reach a long distance.

3. No turbulence, uniform wind.

4. Cost-effectiveness — Frameless DC fans produce less friction, reduce noise levels and extend their overall lifespan. They also use less power, which saves battery power in portable applications.

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