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What is the mission of the fan?
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What is the mission of the fan?

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Fan mission: 

with the continuous progress of science and technology, the more powerful electronic products, the popularity of personal computers, making the work of almost all with the computer is inseparable from the relationship between the computer, while the computer's functions continue to be powerful, the integration of electronic components more and more powerful, electronic components produced by the heat and noise, but let us feel bored, so the electronic components of the heat has become more and more important; fan is the use of forced convection way Heat dissipation, he relies on its own conduction effect, so that the air at a certain speed, a certain way through the heat sink, the use of air and heat exchange between the heat sink to take away the heat accumulated on it, so as to achieve the "forced convection" way of heat dissipation. In addition, in today's air pollution, air exchange, pollutant detection requires the participation of the fan to achieve the relevant functions.


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