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Where are axial cooling fans used?
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Where are axial cooling fans used?

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Axial cooling fan

A new and efficient cooling device, by mixing the air inside the axial fan with the air from the heat sink and then blowing it out through the blades. Distributes the airflow evenly throughout the ventilation area. It also features high efficiency, low noise and easy installation.

1, industrial ventilation cooling

Industrial ventilation and cooling mainly refers to the combination of axial fans and other cooling equipment to use, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature of industrial production.

2、Food industry

The cooling equipment in the food industry includes heat sinks, fans, condensers and ventilation ducts. Axial fans can also be used in the beverage manufacturing process.

3、Textile industry

Textile industry usually use artificial cooling cooling, but artificial cooling efficiency is low, the ambient temperature can not reach the required standard.
Axial fan by mixing with the air of the heat sink, the air will be heated and then through the fan to the outside of the cold air.
This system has a good cooling effect.
In addition, the axial fan can also be used as a ventilation system in textile workshops for air exchange and cooling inside the pla

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