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What Is A DC Axial Fan?
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What Is A DC Axial Fan?

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Here's an introduction to the fan

What is a DC Axial Fan?

An axial fan is a device that generates airflow by using an electric motor to rotate blades in a square or round frame. The axial fan blades draw air into the fan and expel the airflow in the same direction so that it flows over surfaces to provide cooling. Axial fans are an important component in the smooth operation of electromechanical equipment.

DC Fan Operation Principle

According to the Ampere's right-hand rule, a conductor passing an electric current generates a magnetic field around it, and if this conductor is placed in another fixed magnetic field, a suction or repulsion force will be generated, causing the object to move. Inside the fan blades of a DC fan, a rubber magnet ring is attached, two sets of coils are wrapped around a silicon steel sheet at the centre of the shaft, and a Hall sensor assembly is used as a synchronous detection device to control a circuit that rotates the two sets of coils around the shaft. The silicon steel sheet generates different magnetic poles, which generate repulsive force with the rubber magnet. When the repulsive force is greater than the fan's static
force is greater than the static friction of the fan, the fan blades rotate naturally. Thanks to the synchronisation signal provided by the Hall sensor assembly, the fan blades continue to rotate in the direction determined by the Ampere's right-hand rule.


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