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24v High Pressure DC Blower For Laptop
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24v High Pressure DC Blower For Laptop

Size: 60x60x20mm
Rated voltage: 12 or 24V
Bearing Type: dual ball bearing 
Material: thermal plastic UL 94V-0 
  • 6020

  • D-FAN

  • Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops

  • Plastic

Blowers generally have several working principles:

1, rotary blower working principle.

Compact structure, generally consists of motor, air transition, blower body, air chamber, base, drip nozzle six parts. The blower operates eccentrically on an offset rotor in the cylinder, and the volume change between the four blades in the rotor groove draws in, compresses, and spits out the air. The blower operates by using the pressure difference to automatically send lubrication to the drip nozzle, dripping into the cylinder to reduce friction and noise, but also to keep the gas in the cylinder does not flow back.

2. Centrifugal blower working principle. 

Blower usually has a high-speed rotor, high-speed movement of air is driven by the rotor blades, centrifugal force so that the air in the involute shape of the casing, along the involute flow to the fan outlet, high-speed airflow has a certain wind pressure. New air enters the supplement from the centre of the casing.

3. Roots blower working principle:

Roots fan is a fixed volume fan, the air volume delivered is proportional to the number of revolutions, compared with the two-lobe type, the three-lobe type impeller each time it rotates is 3 times suction and exhaust by 2 leaves, the gas pulsation becomes less, the load change is small, the mechanical strength is high, the noise is low, and the vibration is also small.

Each branch impeller has been kept in correct phase by synchronous gears to avoid touching phenomenon, so it can be high-speed, and simple structure, no internal lubrication, smooth running, stable performance, adapt to a variety of uses, has been used in a wide range of fields.


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