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30mm High Static Pressure DC Blower For Dust Collector
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30mm High Static Pressure DC Blower For Dust Collector

Manufacturer Product Number: DC Blower 3507



Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Shipping: Express/Ocean freight/Land freight/Air freight

MOQ: 3000PCS
  • 3507

  • D-FAN

  • Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops

  • Plastic

Specifications/ Special Features:

  • 1. frame size(mm): 35X35X7.5MM

  • 2. bearing system type:  Hydraulic bearing

  • 3. rated voltage: 5V,12V

  • 4. rated speed: 5500/6500/7500RPM

  • 5. maxima air flow(CFM): 0.95/1.13/1.49

  • 6. maxima pressure(mmH2O) : 0.63/0.78/0.92

  • 7. maxima noise(dBA): 15.6/18.7/22.3

  • 8. function: by impedance,by IC, by IC with FG

  • 9. safety approvals: CE,ROHS,UL

Electric Strength5mA max at 1500VAC for 1 min between lead wire and frame
Insulation Resistance10M ohm between lead wire and frame(DC 500V)
Life Expectancy(Sleeve bearing)30000hrs min at 25 degree C/L10 relative humidity 65%+/-20%
Life Expectancy(Hydraulic bearing)>40000hrs min at 40 degree C/L10 relative humidity 65%+/-20%
Life Expectancy(Ball bearing bearing)>70000hrs min at 40 degree C/L10 relative humidity 65%+/-20%
Operation Temperature-10~75 degree C(+14~167 degree F),normal; -10~80 degree C(+14~194 degree F), specification
Storage TemperatureStorage Temperature: -40~75 degree C(-40~167 degree F)
ProtectionMotor protection and polarity protection
Lead wireUL1571 AWG28,30; UL1007 AWG24,26; UL1061 AWG26
Plastic MaterialMotor protection and polarity protection


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