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24v Micro Fan Pc Cooling Fan
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24v Micro Fan Pc Cooling Fan

Manufacturer Product Number: DC Axial Fan 8015


Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Shipping: Express/Ocean freight/Land freight/Air freight

MOQ: 3000PCS
  • 8015

  • D-Fan

The cooling fan is used to help the mechanical equipment to exhaust the hot air, so as to reduce the internal temperature of the equipment. How to determine the direction of fan rotation? Next Xiaobian for you to say. 1. Check the rotation direction: In general, the fan of the radiator rotates clockwise to blow air. 2. Check the label: The one with a label indicates air extraction, and the one without a label indicates air absorption. 3. Observe the side of the fan: the steering direction and wind direction are marked. 4. Observe the shape of the fan blade: check the bending direction of the fan blade. Generally, which side is bent to indicate the wind. 5. Dial with fingers: The direction that is difficult to dial is to suck wind. 

The above is the direction of rotation of the cooling fan, I hope to help you.


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