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48v 24v 50x50mm Waterproof DC Axial Fan
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48v 24v 50x50mm Waterproof DC Axial Fan

Manufacturer Product Number: DC Axial Fan 5020
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Shipping: Express/Ocean freight/Land freight/Air freight
MOQ: 3000PCS
  • 5020

  • D-FAN

  • Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops

  • Plastic

The 50mm 5020 Waterproof Axial Cooling Fan is a powerful and versatile fan for a wide range of products and applications.

1.ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT HEAT DISSIPATION: The 5020 50mm waterproof axial cooling fan is ideal for many electronic devices, such as computers, servers, televisions, sound systems, and more. It can help ensure the stability of the equipment and prevent damage caused by overheating.

2.LED Lighting: Waterproof axial cooling fans can also be used for LED lighting products, such as lamps and light strips.LED lamps usually generate a certain amount of heat, and the use of a fan can effectively dissipate the heat and extend the service life of the LEDs.

3.Communication Equipment: Wireless routers, network switches and other communication equipment often require good heat dissipation to ensure stability and performance. 5020 waterproof axial cooling fans can provide the necessary airflow and heat dissipation for these devices.

4.Industrial Equipment: Industrial equipment and machinery needs to be cooled regularly to maintain proper operation. Waterproof axial cooling fans can help keep these devices running at low temperatures, increasing their reliability and longevity.

5.Automotive electronics: Various electronics in automobiles, such as car stereos, navigation systems and on-board electronic control modules, can also benefit from the use of axial cooling fans. They can help maintain the normal operating temperature of the device and improve its performance and reliability.


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