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DC Blower For Induction Cooker
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DC Blower For Induction Cooker

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Application of Cooling Fan Home Appliances Series-Induction Cooker

In the daily household induction cooker cooling fan plays a vital role. The popularity of induction cooker allows us to say goodbye to the traditional gas cooker, so that the cooking process has become more relaxed and convenient, and induction cooker also has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, green low-carbon, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption.

DC Blower

Induction cooker in the process of use will produce a lot of heat, if the heat can not be emitted in time, resulting in overheating of the stove surface, for a long time so will make the performance of the induction cooker decline, accelerate the aging and damage of the internal components of the induction cooker; reasonable heat dissipation design, the use of high-efficiency cooling fan, you can reduce the failure rate of the induction cooker to a greater extent, to extend the service life of the induction cooker, and to improve the cooking effect of the induction cooker and safety.

Xingdong D-FAN cooling fan focuses on providing high-efficiency cooling fans for various types of products in the field of home appliances, adopting advanced bearing design and materials with higher rotational speed and air volume, and also adopting special structural design, as well as lower noise, which can achieve large air volume under low rotational speed, or low noise under high air pressure. On the basis of guaranteeing the normal and long-lasting operation of household appliances, it can also provide support and guarantee for safeguarding the safe life of the family.

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