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What are the Standard Features of DC Axial Fans?
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What are the Standard Features of DC Axial Fans?

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DC Axial Fans are widely used across industries for cooling electrical machines and equipment. These axial flow fans are durable and used in various small to large applications. These muffin DC fans are designed for commercial, industrial, and OEM applications. We offer these fans various performance characteristics, materials, and functionalities in sizes ranging from 25mm to 172 mm. Our product line features high-performance and ultra-quiet, low-, medium-, and high-speed DC brushless fans.

 DC Axial Fans

Here is the content list:

Standard Features of DC Axial Fans

Benefits of Using DC Axial Fans

Cooling Behavior of DC Brushless Axial Fans Discussed

Standard Features of DC Axial Fans

We provide DC Axial Fans in various specifications; however, the following are a few standard features that will help you understand their functioning.

· Material: Our DC Axial Fans are made of high-quality materials. The frame and impeller are made of high-quality, UL-94V-0 compliant plastic. The lead wire is UL1571AWG#28 or Equivalent (+) Red, (-) Black.

· Voltages: The fans are available in voltages such as 5V, 12V, 24V, and 48V.

· Bearings: Our DC axial flow fans are equipped with sleeve or ball bearings for smooth operation.

· Expected Life: The expected life of ball bearing is 70,000 hours and 30,000 hours when maintained at 40°C.

· Operating Temperature Range: The operating temperature range is -10°C~70°C (non-condensing) and the storage temperature range is -40°C~70°C (non-condensing).

Benefits of Using DC Axial Fans

· Our DC axial flow fans are employed for cooling applications owing to the benefits that they offer. The following are a few beneficial features of these fans.

· The DC Axial Fans designed by us possess a high product life expectancy.

· Brushless motor drives equipped with these fans help minimize thermal load on bearings. This helps improve the shelf life and performance of fans.

· The ball bearings and sleeves are powered by insulated motors. The fans conforming to IP 54 and other protection classes are also available with us.

· We also provide a complete crossover line of computer replacement fans.

Cooling Behavior of DC Brushless Axial Fans Discussed

DC brushless fans are used for cooling electronic circuits across industries. The cooling behavior of these fans depends on several factors such as:

· Current Capacity of a DC Fan Motor: The current drawn by the DC fan motor is often indicated as an average current. However, it is not clear if the current drawn is the DC. When the fan is operated at its peak it may draw large currents. If the electronics that interfaces a DC brushless cooling fan shares grounding with digital logic circuitry of low level, then it may cause functional issues at peak These large switching currents may produce ripple voltage on the DC line, thereby affecting the cooling behavior of the fan.

· Stall Region: This is one of the complex behavioral concepts of an axial fan. There are several reasons why a fan may act as a stall. If the fan is operated at high pressure, the air exiting through it may move in a diagonal direction than the expected axial direction. This can create major problems for objects that are cooled on the same axis of the fan. Hence while designing the fan, it must be ensured that the required areas attain maximum airflow.

Dongguan Xingdong Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of different DC Axial Fans. If you are in the DC Axial Fan business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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